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Fun and Educational Music and Movement Classes for Kids in Moonee Ponds

Are you a Moonee Ponds’ kindergarten, learning centre or childcare looking for a chance to introduce a fresh, fun and educational element at an affordable price? Here at Rhythm Rumble, we are a passionate team of educators providing stimulating music and movement classes for kids of all ages, hoping to strengthen their cognitive and social development. Our program uses music and movement in a multitude of ways, aligning perfectly with a baby, toddler, or older child’s ability level, all the while being performed in a fun, interactive class. For professional services that will have the kids in your care invigorated and learning at the same time, contact Rhythm Rumble. Find out more about the music and movement classes we offer for clients in Moonee Ponds today.

Music and movement classes – tailored for baby, toddler and kid levels

Getting an early start on a child’s development is a good practise that will hold them in better stead for years to come. That’s why our team at Rhythm Rumble are passionate about offering fun, energetic music lessons for babies and toddlers in the Moonee Ponds area, as it provides them with entertaining stimulus in which they enjoy learning and cultivating their motor and interpersonal skills. By waiting until a child is older, you may put them at a serious disadvantage in later life. And when you are always trying to find new ways of keeping small kids entertained, why not have them learn at the same time?

Our music and movement classes are accommodative for kids of different age groups, as a baby needs completely different treatment to a toddler or an older child. We begin focusing on basic activities to develop fundamental motor skills, before advancing to cover components that are more complex, including rhythm, dynamics and pitch. Finally, we will gather the kids into groups and encourage them to create their own music and instrumentation.

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Whether you're in Moonee Ponds, Brunswick, Templestowe, or any of the surrounding suburbs, Rhythm Rumble’s music and movement lessons are at your disposal. We offer an experienced, friendly and trusted baby, toddler, and older child music and movement classes to all Moonee Pond residents.

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