Intergenerational Music Classes

Intergenerational Music Classes are a unique experience involving residence from  Aged Care homes, a parent and a child.

About our Classes:

Our music class encourages participation from all attendees by utilising instruments, parachutes, singing and music making. Children take delight in connecting with the elderly residence and has brought generations together through music.

Your child will develop an understanding of rhythm, tempo and dynamics.  Gross and fine motor development will be enhanced through songs, finger play and movement through scarves. Working cooperatively is a key element to our music classes through parachute play and music making.

Classes are repeated for 3 weeks to consolidate the children's learning. Rhythm Rumble music teachers are trained extensively and skilled at assessing the appropriateness of which activity and musical games that will be chosen for the group attending and ensuring all children are participating at their own level.

We recommend joining for the whole semester however we also have options to enrol throughout the semester or for casual classes. 

Term Two

Blue Cross Aged Care 

Begins on 26th April - 28th June

250 Waterdale Road , Ivanhoe, Vic

Term Three

Campbell Place Aged Care

Begins on 18th July - 19th September

131 - 141 Coleman Parade, Glen Waverley, Vic


Blue Cross Aged Care 

Begins on 19th July - 20th September

250 Waterdale Road , Ivanhoe, Vic