Inspire Your Toddler With Fun Music And Movement Classes In Templestowe

Rhythm Rumble is Melbourne’s leading provider of preschool music and movement classes. We offer music and movement lessons to early learning centres, kindergartens and child cares in Templestowe and across the rest of Melbourne. Our programs focus on instilling a love of movement, rhythm and music in a range of young children, with baby music classes, toddler music classes and preschool music lessons all custom designed for the capabilities of different aged youngsters.

A child’s intellectual and physical development are affected by a range of factors, but early musical education is shown to have strong positive affects on baby and toddler development. Music education and classes have been shown to offer extensive benefits, including aiding in social and cognitive development. Rhythm Rumble’s goal is to provide unique music and movement classes that are not only fun and engaging but help Templestowe toddlers and pre-schoolers develop social and motor skills. 

Templestowe’s favourite preschool music and movement classes

Rhythm Rumble offers a range of music and movement classes to babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers in Templestowe. Our aged classes are designed to match the physical capabilities of our young students and of course, to be fun!

0-2 years old – This class is designed to engage your baby in fun musical activities, focusing primarily on developing their fine motor skills.

2-4 years old – Our goal for our toddlers is to engage them in learning some musical basics, from dynamics and tempo to pitch and rhythm - your toddler will learn and have a ball!

4-5 years old – Our preschool music and movement class is slightly more advanced and brings together a more social educational element as well as focusing on some instrument and voice education.

All our classes are designed to be educational and fun, and they are completely adaptable to the environment of the centre. So, if you’d like us to work on customised baby or toddler music classes and movement lessons for your Templestowe childcare centre, just contact our team.

Book your baby or toddler into our Templestowe music and movement classes

At Rhythm Rumble, we try and make our programs as accessible as possible, so if you have any questions about how our programs work or where you can find the next class, please feel free to call us or leave an enquiry. We’d love to tell you all about the fun environment we create for your children!