About Us

The founder of Rhythm Rumble, Lola, is passionate about music and education for children. Lola began teaching music in 2010 in a community hall in Preston. Over the years Rhythm Rumble has grown to servicing Childcare Centres around Melbourne.

Rhythm Rumble now also includes Intergenerational music classes, childcare care classes as well as online classes for parent and child.

Music is a great way to engage children from a young age and stimulate their senses. At Rhythm Rumble, we believe in creating a happy and fun environment so that children can learn and have fun at the same time. Our music classes for preschool aged children in Melbourne prove to be both entertaining for kids and educators, but also provide as a great platform for learning and development.

At Rhythm Rumble, our vision is to ‘inspire children to live music every day.’ Our vibrant instructors, lively music and use of an array of percussive instruments differentiates us from other music class companies. We provide a personal touch and care about each child that attends one of our classes, striving to ensure they have a positive experience and enjoy their time spent with us.

Created to ‘inspire children to live music every day,’ this vision has become the foundation for all our programs and lessons. At Rhythm Rumble, we constantly strive to inspire children and educators through music and movement.

Lola and her daughter have written a musical story for children “Melody Goes to the Spring Fair," which you can purchase at our online book store. 


Rhythm Rumble - About Us