Boost Your Child’s Development with Music Classes in Brunswick

Rhythm Rumble is a committed Australian business dedicated towards providing kids within early learning centres, kindergarten and childcares throughout Brunswick with inspiring music classes. Every member of the Rhythm Rumble team provides a professional and personalised service, passionate about the importance of music education and how it can contribute towards a toddler’s development. Our music lessons are designed to build strong cognitive and social development, as well as being undertaken in a fun, interactive environment. We pride ourselves on ensuring our Brunswick-based clients are satisfied with our services every time. Whether you’re simply looking for a fresh activity for the kids in your care, or invigorating sessions that will hone a child’s senses, Rhythm Rumble is a name you can trust to deliver.

Music Classes Catered to Baby’s and Toddlers

When it comes to a child’s development, it is incredibly important to start diverse teaching as early as possible. Omitting certain aspects, whether out of lack of knowledge or in favour of other traits, can lead to a baby or toddler growing up without particular skills to function as best as possible in wider society. Through music classes know that your kids will be getting the best possible sense of their motor and interpersonal skills by choosing Rhythm Rumble. Enquire with our team today about toddler music lessons in Brunswick.

Naturally, our classes differ for a baby than they would be for a toddler. We focus on basic musical activities in their early years to concentrate on developing those first motor skills. Beyond there, we slowly progress to encourage higher learning on elements such as dynamics, pitch, rhythm, and tempo, before allowing the children to then work in groups and start to create.

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Whether you’re based in Brunswick, Templestowe, Moonee Ponds or surrounds, our team of highly skilled professionals will come to you. Our specialised program includes baby music classes, toddler music classes, and much, much more.

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