2-4 years old

Imaginative Toddler Music Classes in Melbourne

If you are a kindergarten or early learning centre in Melbourne, get in touch with Rhythm Rumble today to book an engaging music and movement classes for your toddlers. Our creative and engaging music classes and passionate instructors never fail to delight the group!

At Rhythm Rumble, we provide children aged 2-4 with fun and interactive music activities to help develop their cognitive and social skills. Music education can be beneficial for many reasons, especially for children within this early age group as their brain and social skills are developing at a rapid rate.

toddler music classes melbourne

The 2-4 years old music & movement classes programs

Each of our programs are tailored to a specific age bracket and set of activities and therefore, reflect the abilities and interest of children in the age group. In the 2-4 years old program, you can expect that:

  • Learning focus will be more evident such as dynamics, tempo, pitch and rhythm
  • Musical games utilising different types of percussive instruments and music to demonstrate the learning focus
  • All activities are approximately 5 mins each to ensure children retain focus.
  • Musical terminology is used throughout the lesson to consolidate their learning

We aim to keep children focused and engaged through the entire session and provide stimulating activities for them and for their educations. 

About Rhythm Rumble

Created to ‘inspire children to live music every day,’ this vision has become the foundation for all our programs and lessons. At Rhythm Rumble, we constantly strive to inspire children and educators through music and movement. The founder of Rhythm Rumble, Lola, is passionate about music and education for children. “Melody Goes to the Spring Fair” is her new interactive storybook, which you can purchase at our online book store

Find out more about us and our vision today. You can also engage with us at Rhythm Rumble and learn more about the background of our business by reading our blog. 

Book music classes for your toddlers today

Our music program which runs across Melbourne is truly unique. We believe in always providing the very best service and so our structured play music classes are well known across various childcare centres. We are partnered at Play Centres such as Billy Lids Play Centre in Hawthorn as well as Jungle Kids Play Centre in Wallan. 

For more information about us or our services, please do not hesitate to contact us today.