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The RHYTHM RUMBLE program is designed for 6 months to 5 years old with every lesson developed with a learning focus for each age group and conducted by music professionals. We repeat lessons for 3 weeks to consolidate their learning and become familiar with new songs and concepts. Click a link below to find the best program -

RHYTHM RUMBLE teachers are professional piano teachers who have experience working with young children and know how to connect, engage and encourage children to make each lesson joyful and impactful. 

We are available in Melbourne and the surrounding areas. Sign Up for a FREE TRIAL CLASS below to find out more. 

Rhythm Rumble has been conducting music classes since 2010, and over the years we have developed a quality music program, which is aligned with the Early Years Quality Framework.

Rhythm Rumble has always been interested in how to inspire Educators and children to live music everyday and we have made an effort to learn what is important to Educators. They told us that they want to have a music incursion that:

  • teaches new songs and musical games beyond their own repertoire,
  • through using instruments, encourages participation from children and;
  • to have prepared lesson plans that are age appropriate.

Other ways Rhythm Rumble differentiates themselves from other music programs is by incorporating multi-cultural music in our programs. We only repeat our lessons for 3 weeks to consolidate the children’s learning and have a variety of themed lessons with new music and songs to excite our little students.

We focus on teaching children how to keep a beat, sing and music fundamentals such as: rest and play, tempo, dynamics and more. We do this through developing fun games and songs and ensuring the lesson is delivered with thought of the children’s perspective. Though always at the heart of a Rhythm Rumble music class is to have fun!

Over the years we have noticed students of Rhythm Rumble have an improved musicality (singing, beat keeping), increased ability to focus and participate in group activities and have a calmer, happier disposition. We love hearing feedback about children singing our songs or making requests for their favourite game. We encourage creative thinking, participation and support in trying new things with a respectful manner towards children.

The benefits of a music education in the early years, is paramount to a child’s future education and prepares them for reading, math skills motor skills plus so much more. We believe every child’s education should begin with MUSIC.

Rhythm Rumble teachers are always musically trained and have a passion to share their musical knowledge with a genuine love of children. The training the teachers undergo is thorough, supportive and child focused.