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Inspire Children with Music

At Rhythm Rumble, we deliver music programs to Early Learning Centres and Kindergartens around Melbourne and surrounding areas. We are passionate about providing children with music and inspiration to be creative and express themselves from a young age. We have a wide range of programs tailored to specific age groups and provide children with engaging activities to keep them involved and learning throughout the session.

Music education is an imperative part of each child’s learning development. The benefits of music are extensive, including aiding with cognitive and social development. Rhythm Rumble was created with the vision to inspire and engage educators and children and encourage their musical learning. We provide a unique offering, encouraging children to participate in a structured play-based music class like no other.

Our engaging music class programs for all ages

We offer tailored music classes for different age groups, so that children can learn and play, enjoying activities suited to their learning and development level. See below for our range of programs on offer:

0-2 years old – This class is designed to engage babies in basic musical activities to concentrate primarily on developing motor skills.

2-4 years old – In this music class we aim to engage toddlers in musical activities that encourage learning and a focus on certain elements such as dynamics, tempo, pitch and rhythm will be more apparent.

4-5 years old – this class is slightly more advanced. It still has a learning and educational focus, but children are also exposed to opportunities to work as a group and develop music themselves through voice and instrumentation.

Whatever age group is best suited to your learning facility, you can be sure the team at Rhythm Rumble will be provide and unforgettable experience when we come to visit. Providing opportunities for learning as well as social interaction and development, our music classes are a fun way for children of a young age to become introduced to music and song.

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Interested and want to learn more about us? If you are an Early Learning Centre or Kindergarten, click here to book or enquire about a class now. We have also written a Children’s Book "Melody Goes To The Spring Fair", click here to find out more. 

At Rhythm Rumble, we are committed to always providing the best customer service and experience for our clients. Try us today and you won’t be disappointed!


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