Musical Instrument Kit for Toddlers
Rhythm Rumble

Musical Instrument Kit for Toddlers

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Rhythm Rumble music bags for toddler are designed to entice imaginative play through music and puppetry.

Our bags include a Folkmanis frog puppet, guiro, rhythm sticks and scarf. Each item has been chosen to enhance your childs motor skills and imagination.

We paired the guiro and frog puppet as the guiro, when stroked sounds like a "ribbet" Songs such as Der Glumph are so much fun when you add instruments and our cute frog.

Rhythm sticks are a staple and a MUST instrument for all children, teaching your child to keep a beat with our sticks is easy because they are made for little hands and create a beautiful sound. tap them together or tap them on the floor, teach rhythms or simply keep a beat.

Scarf play is never ending, they can be used for free movement during instrumental music, peek a boo songs or dramatic songs such as Sleeping bunnies. For more fun musical ideas check out YouTube Channel - Rhythm Rummble Music.

Scarf colours: red, light blue, green, red, pink and yellow

You can select a different scarf colour please leave a note when you make your purchase.

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