Musical Instrument Kit for Kinder Kids
Musical Instrument Kit for Kinder Kids
Rhythm Rumble

Musical Instrument Kit for Kinder Kids

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Rhythm Rumble's music bag are a perfect gift for a child who is creative and musical. A bag full of inspiration, we have chosen particular items that enhance a kinder aged child's motor skills and imagination.

The bag includes a Folkmanis monkey finger puppet, wrist bells, train whistle and wooden castanets.

We paired our cute monkey puppet and wrist bells to play 5 cheeky monkeys, wrist bells are also a wonderful accompaniment to musical statues.

The train whistle teaches children how to sing and blow, every children between 3-7 love trains and movement songs which our train whistle will add extra flare too. Castanets are a wonderful way to strengthen children's fine motor skills and finger strength all in the guise of making music. We share musical play ideas on YouTube Channel - Rhythm Rumble Music. Check us out for inspiration.

Wrist bell colours: blue, yellow and purple

To chose your colour wrist bells please leave us a note when you make your order.

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