Are you an Educator, Teacher or a Parent?

Do you want to provide your children with a music education?

We know people are apprehensive about singing and implementing music education in their curriculum or at home.

We are here to make it easy for you.

Rhythm Rumble has been operating for 10 years and teaching babies and young children in the early childhood and Primary Schools.

Rhythm Rumble’s mission: Is to address the gap in education in delivering the fundamentals of music: rhythm, beat keeping, singing, tempo and dynamics.

Robust evidence tell us that a quality music education will enhance children’s comprehension of maths, reading, social skills, mental health and motor skills.

There is definitely a wrong way and a right way to teach music.

The goal is to teach children to:

• Tap a beat
• Sing in tune
• Make beautiful musical sounds

Once the above is achieved then your child can proceed to learning a musical instrument.

How do we do this?

• Simple easy songs
• Musical Instrument demonstrations
• Music & movement songs
• Weekly video updates
• A learning Focus is included and linked to the Early Years Quality Framework
• Each video lesson is 12-15 minutes
• Teacher notes on each video are also included

We have included downloads that are easy for you to extend on the lesson and make it fun and easy for you to learn the songs to sing with your child/children.

Repetition is paramount in instilling musical knowledge for children. You will have unlimited access to our songs, activities and downloads on our Video Library.

Our videos are designed to be watched by children and adults, with engaging content and activities that are age appropriate.

We wanted to ensure it is accessible to everyone with a cost of $24.00 per month.

Music is the key to a quality education for all children.