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Engaging Music Classes for Babies in Melbourne

Introduce your baby to the love of music with Rhythm Rumble, as we provide music classes for children and babies of all ages. We deliver music classes and programs to Kindergartens and Early Learning Centres in Melbourne and surrounding areas.

Watch the children light up as they hear the melodies and engage with movement. Education in music for children is essential as it helps to develop their cognitive skills from an early age, as well as help their social development skills as they interact with other children.

baby music classes melbourne

Let them be inspired

Each lesson will focus on a different musical element. For this age group of babies 0-2, we concentrate primarily on developing motor skills. This includes activities such as tapping & shaking tambourines and egg shakers by using recorded music and by singing songs. Watch your baby become excited by the sounds of music and engage their sensory skills. We also use finger play or puppet song to engage babies in music by providing a visual stimulus they can physically interact with.

Read more about our services and the experiences of previous clients by reading our testimonials page. The benefits of music education are wide spread, as music can help with a child’s language development, literacy, maths and problems solving skills and their social skills. We have a variety of programs on offer for all different age groups. Aside from the 0-2 program, we also offer a program for 2-4 years old and another for 4-5 years old. These programs are tailored accordingly with more complex musical activities included as the children are older.

Rhythm Rumble was created to ‘inspire children to live music every day.’ This vision has become the foundation for all our programs and lessons, which aim to inspire children and educators on the power of music and fun that can come from it. Lola, the founder of Rhythm Rumble and a children’s music enthusiast, has also written an interactive storybook for children titled “Melody Goes to the Spring Fair”. Find out more about the book by visiting our online book store here.  You can also engage with us at Rhythm Rumble and learn more about our background and philosophies by reading our blog.

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If you are from an early learning centre or kindergarten and would like to learn more about our services or book a class today, please contact us. We would be happy to discuss our services with you and answer any questions you may have.