Baby Music Bag
Rhythm Rumble

Baby Music Bag

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Rhythm Rumble music gift bags are a wonderful gift for babies and children. Igniting imaginative play though music and puppets.

Pack includes a Folkmanis mouse puppet, egg shaker, wrist bells and musical movement scarf.

Each item was chosen for its educational purpose for babies under 18 months (although older children will adore this pack as well).

For example, the mouse puppet can be used to sing Hickory Dickory Dock while the mouse puppet runs up your child's body and down again.

Bells and wrist bells are a wonderfully easy instrument for babies to hold and innately know to shake and they can make music instantly. Watch how babies will experiment with tempo and dynamics by changing their body movement.

Scarf play is a beautiful way to connect and sing peak a boo songs. Watch the delight in their face as you suddenly appear. Scarves are also a great way to introduce movement while you play your favourite music to your child.

For more ideas you can check out our Youtube Channel - Rhythm Rumble Music for musical play ideas.

You can chose different colour scarf, bells and wrist bells

  • Scarf colours:  red, light blue, green, purple, pink, yellow, orange
  • Wrist bells:  yellow, blue, purple
  • Egg shakers:  natural, green, red

Please provide a note if you want a different coloured item, otherwise we will assume the colours in the photo description.

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